Thursday, November 22, 2012

Maddy is 10 months today!

Time has flown by! So, so fast. We can't believe our little lady is ten months old...seriously?!?! I remember brining her home from the hospital like it was last week. She is such an amazing and wonderful, seems like she has always been here, addition to our family. She is sweet and sassy, friendly and feisty! She's starting to talk back to jack when he is in her face or takes a toy, but she also calls for him when he isn't around and follows him around with so much love and admiration in her eyes. She's daddy's little girl, thats for sure. He says no to her (like when she is about to electrocute herself on a plug) and her whole world crumbles. She doesn't forgive him for a while, so, so hurt that her precious daddy was a little mean. She still loves to nurse, but also chows down on whatever we are eating. Don't even try to feed her anything puréed! She JUST started sleeping through the night almost every night. She likes a morning and afternoon nap, three meals, nursing, cruising, jack's toys better than her own, dancing, and any song you can make with her name in it. She gets bashful with strangers, family, and friends, but warms after a bit. She will definitely give you a side smile while digging her face in my shoulder. We can't remember what it was like without our maddy girl!




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