Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Pumpkin patches: foggy Napa fun

The week of Halloween was a busy one, but Gran and I decided to make a trip to a patch in Napa before the big day. We arrived in flip flops and thin shirts, only to discover that we had entered the biggest fog bank ever and were surrounded by mist! The weather was due to change from the beautiful Indian summer to a rainy Halloween mess the next day, and it was hitting Napa a tad earlier than Fairfield. We bundled up with what I had in the car for cool summer nights: a too-small sweatshirt jacket for Jack and leg warmers and a Mr. T sweatshirt jacket for Maddy. Luckily the patch had a coffee shop, so gran and I kept warm that way! It was a really cute patch with rows of pumpkins and corn, a couple mazes of maize and a giant hay bale play structure and slide. The scenery was awesome too!


So foggy! And short jacket sleeves :(

It was perfect for running around!


Coming out from the slide!



Tunnel in the maze.

Jack was a pro! I kept having to remind myself that he couldn't see over the hay like I could, he was jammin'!

Our little gangster.

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