Thursday, March 17, 2011

SO excited over here!! (and bathroom remodel)

so, i am now blogging from my new computer (YAY!). it's been some time since i traded in my old work laptop for mom jeans... and since that time a lot has gone on (see last excuses post :)!). i'm going to slowly go back and post about all those events, but the very first sd card i put in the new computer was of our bathroom remodel. so, here goes my first catching up post:

our bathroom was GORGEOUS! i mean that with all the sarcasm one can muster. absolute gorgeousness. i used to LOVE sending people to the restroom on their first visit to our home. i'd wait outside the door listening for gasps of horror and would greet them with a smile and surprise eyes waiting for their response. most just laughed. i mean, the bathroom was LAUGHABLE. check it:

if you're wondering, the toilet is, in fact, sh-lacked with wallpaper cut outs. it really, really is.

so is the sink!!!

surprisingly, besides the cutsom toilet and sink, and wallpaper (which was also pasted to the back of the wood door, mind you. such a treat to be surrounded by this amazing pattern and color palatte), the rest of the bathroom wasn't too shabby. on a very, very tight budget (with major help from JD and Sheila Gail), Pete and I transformed our bathroom into this:

new sink, faucet, mirror, pulls, decor.

new toilet, bead board, and PAINT, PAINT, PAINT!

we left this part in... 'cause it's funny, hard to replace, and aparently michael jackson had one JUST LIKE IT:

thanks to les for reminding me of this post.

some evidence (or maybe not, but try googling michael jackson + swan faucet):
'a vast master suite with three wall-mounted televisions, two massive marble poopers with gold fixture including one with gold swan shaped faucets'


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courtney said...

oh my gosh. made my day!!!!!!!!! i wish i could've gone potty in your house, just once. before the remodel.
awesome remodel by the way.
i need to show you our heinous master bathroom. shag carpet. yes. in the bathroom.

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lauren and brad said...

stop looking at me swan!!!