Thursday, March 24, 2011

lions, and tigers, and bears, oh my!

it's not just raining cats and dogs, folks.  it's raining lions, and tigers, and bears (an fyi, that's way more than cats and dogs).  seriously, we are so over it.  we have water all over the place. 
that's a pond, but not where a pond should be
the streets are almost flooding
we miss fresh air.  we miss our swing set.  (maybe i just miss these things, but i'm pretty sure jack does, too).   we're just over it.  and it looks like we have a couple more days, oh joy.  where is the sun?  oh, it'll be here sunday...

Weather for Fairfield, CA

47°F | °CThuFriSatSun
RainShowerRainPartly Cloudy
Current: Rain
Wind: S at 17 mph
Humidity: 91%53°F | 46°F57°F | 49°F55°F | 45°F59°F | 46°F

what have we been doing, you ask?  well..... we've set up a blanket/pillow library complete with all of jack's 
favorites, including:

which you can wear proudly by purchasing this, here:

we've read books to bailey:

i think that was thunder aaaaand he's obviously in the best little mood

we've stared longingly out the window at the grass and swing set - pepper is super sad :(:

we've made paper butterflies as a peace offering to mother nature:

we've put on a puppet show with these chicks and played 'hi-ho cherry-o' more than a few times:

and we've had a dance party or two (or six, who's counting?!?!!?):

right now it's movie time because what's a rainy day without cuddling for a movie?!?!  (we've also made our own movie or two!) 

soooooo, what do you  do when it's raining lions, and tigers, and bears?!?!?!?  OH, MY!

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