Wednesday, March 23, 2011

christmas in the city

we had a fabulous christmas this year! we celebrated one day by venturing into the city for a view of the holiday decor. it was raining and we weren't the only ones that thought this a great saturday outting, but we had a blast anyway!

we took BART, jack mentioned numerous times how george, as in curious, took the subway to the zoo (reminds me that this george obsession has been going on for some time!):

jack held on for dear life
raining, but pretty
yes, virgina, there is a santa clause


Leslie said...

did pete and jack match outfits on purpose?! :) v.cute. love to see this kid grow up in the bay area!! FUN!

lauren and brad said...

our boys would totally be best friends.
ben's two favorite things? lightening mcqueen and in curious!