Sunday, February 20, 2011

"you stink, justin matisee!!!!"

My favorite movie quote - any guesses? That's exactly how i feel about myself and blogging. I stink. It's not for not wanting to, there have been some hiccups and otherwise more 'fun' things going on lately. A list of happenings (aka, excuses):

Nye in the mountains.
Nice weather.
My birthday.j
Nicer weather.
Jack's birthday.
Birthday party!!!!
Thursday playdates.
Becca's shower.
Home reno (bathroom!).

Excuses, excuses. But posts to come, i promise! I'm hosting becca's shower this weekend, then will be back to normal. In the meantime, some info about the best invention ever. No chip nails!!! Let me tell you, I've traveled, painted, replaced a faucet and sink, toilet, and redecorated. I've sewn, made garland, cleaned bathrooms, bedrooms, and done a ton of laundry. I've done dishes and cooked. Ive had my nails painted for almost a week and they look AMAZING. No Chips. I don't know about you, but one carry on trip and my nails are shot - and I've done SO MUCH MORE. Seriously, amazing. You've gotta check it out!

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Leslie said...

I'm going to be SO SAD when I have to take them off. SO SAD!! No chip rocks so hard.