Monday, May 31, 2010

austin, texas

yay! les is getting married! we are celebrating in austin, texas...

okay, so we celebrated. i'm way behind on blogging, and the kanters have actually already returned from their honeymoon. regardless of my tardiness, i'm blogging, as this was a way cool, way fun weekend and i want to share!

only artistic-ish (barely) photos i have. leaving that to devon and les. they're much better at it! not that the posts i linked to show how amazing they are -- surf their blogs, you'll see :). i really just linked to austin weekend pics to supplement my own - i seem to have the only nighttime pictures!!

we stayed at an amazing place and had even more amazing 'packets' preparing us for an EVEN MORE, MORE, MORE AAAAAAHHHMAAAAAAZING time! it was so great to reconnect with....

devon: i don't think i had seen devon since she moved from the golden state--she moved just before my wedding... little jack was a month old when she married patrick, before that i was too preggo to fly to her shower or attend any other festivities. i think i was also preggo when tara and les visited chi-town at a different time. since then, i've had a little boy and very little in travel funds for a visit to her little loft. i love this girl and no matter how long it's been, it feels like it was just yesterday.

ali: we go waaaaay back. back to 2001. we sang in the streets, drank some drank, partied-harty in vegas with dev, l&b, & les for nye. what a great time. we also reunite sometimes (maybe once, but i'm sure it'll happen again) on the corner of the street we BOTH work on in SF. so weird. i saw her earlier this year, and was like, ALI?!?! It's Jen, Les' friend?!?! like she forgot about me singing, "hey al, what up?" the ENITRE vegas trip... (remember that song?)

trish: this was soooo great. i feel like i talk with trish all the time, even though it's totally through les. we connected in sf one year, shortly after camp (which tara and i totally feel like we worked at because of hearing the fab stories and meeting the fab peeps through the years). we ate in the cellar of union square (right?). her texas knowledge was SOOOOO helpful. though she didn't help any of us look less of jackasses when we went to the range. thanks for nothing! :).

tara: i see tara often. usually at her spa, sometimes at dinner with the girls, but rarely for a night out. spending the time with tara was an added bonus with the rest of the girls. i was her 'companion' on southwest, which meant we had all four flights (2 each way) to and from austin to catch up, laugh, and enjoy 2-for-1 drinks from our fab flight attendants. fabulous. (and thanks for the free flight, tk!)

most importantly, i was soooooooo excited to celebrate with this girl:


devon lorraine ... said...

somehow this post almost slipped past me ... you got some cute shots!!!

Leslie said...

YES! I love these pics!!

Sarah said...

THESE are the photos i've been waiting to see.

more please.

tricia said...

YAY love this post! :)


jen said...

more to come, sarah lyman. i know what you're looking for... we're like this {two fingers going from my eyes to your eyes}