Thursday, May 13, 2010

mother's day trip to davis!

jack was very serious about this train ride:

not sure if it was the shock of being on a train or the fact that he wasn't in a car seat...whatever it was, it took jack a few minutes to get into the freedom of riding a train. the weather was unpredictable, but every weather report suggested there was plenty of dry weather for mother's day picnics so we had planned on walking to central park for some slide action and eating at burgers&brew. but, and our fault for believing the weather report, it was POURING the second we got off the train. we opted for a shorter walk, to woodstock's, for slices:

how sneaky is this expression?!?!
we walked around for a bit after lunch (really just killing time until the train back), and i had a NEED for frozen yogurt. so yum. we happened upon a 'big spoon' style, you fill your cup, you put on the toppings, we weigh it & charge you an arm and a leg, yogurt shop. i had my first rude mother encounter. i am still irritated by her. our conversation:
rm: how old is he?
me: he's two, a bit too big for this stroller*, that's for sure**.
*as jack was rocking OUT of the stroller.
**i was sooo pleasant in that 'happy mother's day to all!!' kind of mood
rm: how much does he weigh?
me: about 30lbs. he's a little guy.
rm: oh yeeeeahhh. our guy is way over 30 lbs. he's only 18 months.
me: yeah, he's a big guy! so cute!
rm: i bet is was easy to push him out.
me: well, i think everyone struggles a bit - but i don't remember a thing! just happy he's a healthy boy!
rm: huh. i remember. try pushing out a baby the size of a turkey. you're exactly why people have two children. they are foolish. don't remember a thing.

after typing this out, i am still irritated, but it doesn't seem so bad of a conversation. maybe just the 'they are foolish' part. i just get sooooo fired up when people are all, 'woe is me, i had a huge baby! you MUST'VE had it easy!' well, lady, props to you, but i had a hard time, too. little baby or not, birthing a child isn't always a picnic. the experience does not always correlate to the poundage. i think all mothers do a fabulous job pushing out their babes, no need to judge. (i did totally judge her for being a very rude OLD mother when we left the joint. i was so mad. still. so. mad.)

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devon lorraine ... said...

jack on the train is so cute! i love the picture of him. even though it rained, it sounds like it was an exciting day - trains, slices, rms, YOGURT... love me some serious fro yo! next time, spill your yogurt on the rm.