Sunday, May 9, 2010

mother's day 2010

it's mother's day! pete gave me a box of paperclips and a sunglasses case....inside were puzzle pieces! he made a puzzle of a train, sushi menu, clown fish, the golden gate, and a picnic basket. jack and i spent some time putting them together:

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the train and sushi menu represented one choice for the day - a trip to davis on the train to a nice sushi lunch. the other option was a trip to the city to the aquarium followed by a picnic lunch. they were both great options, but the weather has been a little unsettled, so i decided a day in davis would be great...


devon lorraine ... said...

that was super cute of mr. pete! how was sushi? i am soooo jealous of sushi. i want sushi now. now!

you're so cute in your little red robe.

courtney said...

wow. super clever.