Monday, June 14, 2010

austin, texas: food

we had yummy food & drink at the casa:
underwear brunch
arrival treats
dev went shopping from the request list in the packet.
i love diet coke, mgd 64, champagne, and fruit. i pretty much requested beverages.

we explored airstreams:
pies of some sort...can't quite remember...eyes were on the cupcakes the whole time

we ate out:
viva la mexicoBAR-B-QUUUUUUEEEEEEfrostys at the bbq joint. they even had na varieties for devon and our bach.


Leslie said...

i forgot how good i thought the non-alc beer was. last caption makes it sounds like i was preggo.

devon lorraine ... said...

living the austin recaps! i mean, loving, but kind of re-living too!

jen said...

and as everyone knows, les is NOT pg, she just can't do the alcohol thing. lacking alcohol deyhdrongenase, which catalyzes as follows:
CH3CH2OH + NAD+ -> CH3CHO + NADH + H+ to break down alcohol. asians have a mutation in the gene that creates this enzyme - some suggesting an evolutionary morph to prevent alcoholism.

your welcome.

tricia said...

jen-excellent alcohol recap.

p.s. did you see my blog post about our pie friend? v. impressive.