Wednesday, April 22, 2009

our 5k

Jack, Laura, and I ran in the Run for Good 5k in Fairfield on Saturday. We had a great time and enjoyed getting out in the nice spring weather.

starting line
ceremony table
all done
jack loves ponies...they had one at the expo. he was a little scared of it (he has a play pony that looks exactly like this at home)!


devon lorraine ... said...

I am loving all these pictures! What kind of good did you run for?

jen said...

matt garcia was a young man that ran for and won a seat on ff's city council. he was murdered last year in a mix up drug thing. the police department and city council are raising funds for a police activity league/youth center for kids to get a positive experience with police officers. laura knew matt and the murder shocked the area. thanks for asking :)