Wednesday, April 15, 2009

more about easter

i completely forgot to mention that my mom had an easter egg hunt for us kids! it was super cute. she only hid one egg for each of us, let us know the color, and gave us the area to search in. it was like old times. we weren't to tell the others if we found one of their eggs, so we each started searching. i found laura's first and laughed each time she was near it but didn't see it. pete found david's, and thought it was laura's, so he moved it. jd found his first, like always. we had to use the 'hot, hotter, steaming hot' and 'cold, colder, freezing cold' clues to get laura to hers. i needed them to find the green egg, too. we each had movie tickets and money for snacks (and pete and i also got a night of babysitting, too). for such a simple thing, it was so much fun! thanks, mom :)


devon lorraine ... said...

how adorable! i love it! hope you and pete have a great date night :)

courtney said...

I've missed your posts. House is coming along, I can't believe Jack is 1!!! You made it!!!