Monday, April 13, 2009

a happy Easter

the green family celebrated jack's 2nd Easter yesterday and we had so much fun! on saturday night, we dyed Easter eggs and told jack all about the Easter bunny. sunday morning jack woke up (in an ok mood, he's been suffering from allergies and plugged up in the morning) and we set him on the floor. he picked up an egg and threw it into his basket. it was too cute! the Easter bunny "hid" some eggs around our place and jack had a grand time throwing them in and out of the basket. throwing is one of jack's favorite activities :). jack also received a few gifts from the Easter bunny and here he is examining one of them (before he tried to throw it, of course):


devon lorraine ... said...

aww i haven't seen a pic of jack in awhile! he's getting so big!

Leslie said...

you put the toy together! does he love it? did you make it monochromatic or him?

jen said...

no, i went for the more stimulating mix. and there were four colors and only three wires. so fun! he loves it :)