Monday, April 27, 2009

circus. updated.

for christmas, mom got laura and i tickets to see brit-brit in oakland! the concert was last wednesday, here are some pics:

we got our make-up done at mac (notice the v. dark eyeshadow and eyebrows!) and headed toward oakland for the circus. we saw britney together about 8 years ago, so it was fun to reminisce about those days while we enjoyed the new show. the circus theme was fun - acrobats and other acts during wardrobe changes and before the concert started. the pussycat dolls opened for her, they were really good, too. i was impressed with their live performance (and my knowledge of their songs - didn't know i was such a fan). miss popular, laura, ran into a couple people she knew, which was also fun. i, however, didn' i too old for a brit concert?!? yikes!


courtney said...

you are never too old for a brit concert.

Leslie said...

courtney = ha!

and i've been wondering about your awesome makeups! thanks for revealing your secret. who did your hair? and on a related note, have you seen tv commercials for bump-its? i love it!

jen said...

On the make-up subject, the pics don't do it justice. I've seen club in a whole new light. Btw, my face is obagi-ized, to explain the redness. Mac didn't do that.