Tuesday, August 7, 2012

alameda faire 2012

apparently kristin and i have an august itch and NEED to go to the alameda antiques faire (2011 trip!).  this year, maddy was in tow!  because of a later-evening bbq at the willis' home on saturday, i barely got myself out of the door on sunday and forgot my camera :(.

anyway, here are some things i picked up:

i'm planning on working this into our porch or backyard somehow.  i probably should repaint it, even though the color and worn-ness are what drew me to it in the first place.  not making any decisions on it now, going to admire it for a while first!!

i love this little bucket, perfect addition to my family room.  it's a little blue, but the rust makes it work so well!  i have a flower rug with the blue and rust, with olive green, right next to it :)!!

i also picked up a couple cute signs for fall and a rocking chair for maddy's room.  i have to paint it, so i'll keep that picture for a diy post!

this was my and maddy's first mother/daughter trip and we both loved it!  she chatted the entire drive (at 6am!) and was so chatty and fun all day.  though i'm sure she missed her brother and daddy (i sure did!), i think she enjoyed mommy-time.  it was so, so special to see her little personality with just me.  she's always so busy watching and interacting with jack, we miss out on just her.  pete had a great day with jack, reparing the sprinklers (not so much fun), and visiting his parents.  i want him to take her by himself so he can see that side of her too.  and of course, i wouldn't turn down alone time with my little man!!

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