Monday, August 6, 2012

porch revamp

i've been a busy bee working on unnecessary-to-most, but keep-my-sanity projects!  i've changed our porch, making it a mix of black, cream, burlap, and gray.  we kept the redwood patio furniture, so that color is in there, too.  at first i was a little worried about 'all' the colors, but in the end, i like the look:
the redish color is actually a color in the dining chairs' covers, so i think it works!
added mossy G, new wreaths, and urns with plants
planning on succulents in the galvanized pots
(if my new plants survive!)
painted table (was cranberry)
charcoal top, cream legs.
recovered chairs long ago - remember les?
this bench was green, painted light gray
cuban oregano - supposedly hard to kill
i don't have a green thumb, so i'm hoping this and the jade plants survive!
spray painted bench and made new pillows
burlap and fabric scrap wreaths
a pumpkin!
the whole decor project had my seasonal (orange-y fall, red+green christmas, creamy new year, pastel easter, memorial day red+white+blue) color schemes in mind -- hopefully i'll just have to change out the wreaths and add/temporarily recover pillows to keep everything 'together'!!! 

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