Friday, June 22, 2012

maddy's first bite: rice cereal

maddy tried rice cereal for the first time last night!  i'm not so sure about her feelings on the actual food, but she does love sitting with us at the breakfast bar and she definitely loved being able to participate in a meal.

patiently waiting
the anticipation
first bite!
lunch today was interesting... she's always been a fan of food, but she was aggressively staring at jack's mac n cheese.  it was torture for her!!
 asking them to smile for a picture:
 jack consoling maddy, 'it's ok, baby sis, you'll get cereal later':


devon lorraine ... said...

man, she is so cute! she'll be eating mac+cheese in no time. looks like jack enjoys being the big brother! (i always wanted a big brother!)

jen said...

thanks, dev! i always wanted a big brother, too, lucky gal.