Tuesday, December 7, 2010

thanksgiving decor

every time it's time to switch seasonal decorations, i have decorator's block. i look to my blog or past pictures, magazines, blogs, hamilton house, whereever to decide on what my plans will be for that season. soooo, if i'm going to use my own blog as a reference/inspiration, i need to update it with my seasonal decor! what we had rockin' this fall:

entry table with 'mommy's favorite pumpkins' - jack
during our visit in pennsylvania the week before halloween (post to come), i became even more obsessed with pumpkins. i love them. we took a trip to larry's produce (surprise!) for our jack-o-lantern pumpkins this year, and i picked up a few varieties in my weak attempt to caputre the pumpkin spirit of this place:

i LOVE this patch!!!!!!!! i am going to re-create with home-grown varieties next year. i've saved my favorite pumpkins to harvest seeds and may be ordering some online, too.

the very nice UPS lady told me she really looks forward to my window displays.
apparantly, i'm a regular marshall field's around here!

always a banner for our window - i usually have double-sided banners so people on the other side can enjoy them, too, but i love the phrase 'give thanks' and it was a little gift from my mom, so i went with it. it was all sorts of glittery gold on the back so even though the words weren't facing the outside, the glitter was. and who can complain about glitter?!?!
i LOVE our mantel! and since its installation in july, we've had a few decorations on it, but get ready mantel - this is just the beginning of the spirit you're about to experience in your years - the BEGINNING i tell you!
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Leslie said...

1. cinderella pumpkins!
2. is marshall fields that place in chicago that became a macy's much to the city's dismay?

Leslie said...

3. i LOVE your decorations!

jen said...

1. YES, there was a cinderelly pumpkin or two in that mix.
2. YES, YES, YES. obviously i am nowhere near the wonder of the window displays of yesteryear, but someone travels to see my work (he!!).
3. THANKS :)