Wednesday, December 8, 2010

gran's birthday!

gran's birthday this year was a blast! aunt laura sent out an invitation and we all gathered to have dinner, eat cupcakes, watch a private fireworks show, and trim the tree. i hope this becomes a family tradition!

grandpa set up the train around the tree - he's seriously been talking about it since halloween. jack LOVED it. he's clapping his hands here. grandpa taught him how to work the train - it was very difficult to drag him away for dinner.

aunt laura picked up a minature dumbo scene for gran's extensive disney collection - happens to be jack's favorite - he was mesmerized! unc jd also gifted a very, very neat antique mickey bobble head - again, bobble heads are jack's fav, too. wait. was it gran's birthday or jack's....

and the illegal, but always fun, fireworks show.
don't you love it?
(firework above is my favorite. below is another goodie!)

hangin' ornaments

decorating grandpa

...and loving it!
look at that little face :)

picking the perfect spot!

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