Tuesday, December 14, 2010

morning routine

i'm all for recording routines right now, please bear with me:

mornings come at all sorts of hours in our household. there are 5am 'mommy, i'm up!!' and 8am 'mommy, i'm up!!' calls from jack's room. i prefer the 8am calls, but sometimes the ones in the middle are my fave. they aren't as obscene as 5am, but also create enough tiredness for an afternoon nap. and we get a lot done in the morning. my non-mom friends are always so amazed when we talk at 8 or 9 and i have a laundry list of what we've been up to (and that ALWAYS includes laundry - seriously, any suggestions on keeping up with it?!?!? totally my least favorite - if any can be considered 'favorite' - chore).

immediately after jack's up, we'll either rest in his room (5am days), cuddle with daddy (most other days), or get up and moving (8am+) days. jack has some milk (he LOVES milk!) and we'll pack some snacks or lunch for pete. after waving, and kissing, and screaming 'byyyyyyyeeeee daaaaaddyyyyyyyy' out our little window, jack and i plan our day.

over coffee and usually an english muffin (jack's breakfast of choice lately). i drink my coffee while jack drinks his 'coffee' (his includes regular milk with a splash of cream in a coffee cup, he loves being all grown up).

writing out our list. today included a trip to costco and the mailstop.
rereading it to me - we have to make sure it's all there or we'll forget something!

i'm a total list-maker. i'm sure jack'll be the same one day!


Leslie said...

you're providing him with some solid tools for survival! coffee drinking AND list making?! he's set! you're done teaching!

lauren and brad said...

i'm in love with the routine posts! keep 'em coming!

i can't get over the cup of milk with a splash o' cream! what a lucky boy to have such a fun mommy to make morning routines so special!