Thursday, November 25, 2010


we are so thankful for our family, jack-attack, friends, health, a warm home, food on the table, jobs, joy, pepper&bailey, eachother... so much to be thankful for - we are so very blessed! we shared the day together as a family (morning time), as a couple (turkey trotting), with pete's family at our home (feast time!), and with my family at theirs (cold turkey sand-os and leftover pick-up! and to discuss the interesting turn of events this year -- both JD and Laura had a sig-o join the Costanzo dinner! we checked in to see if there was any gossip to share ;)!).

some pictures for our fantastic feast with grammy, pepaw, and aunt sara:grammy and jack talk veggies (jack only ate turkey & veggies!) he did have pumpkin pie for breakfast (breakfast of champions at gran & grandpa's while pete & i ran)... do you see little muffin-thing? i made a portion of our traditional welsh dressing in muffin tins. a perfect serving (don't judge if i had 2nds!), crispy on all sides but soft in the middle (dev & les, i didn't say your favorite m-word just for you!), cooked quickly - definitely doing this again!!
pepaw carving the turkey - isn't it beautiful? a 20lber cooked in about 2hours in their bbq. smoked turkey....all m, um, tender? (not sure how you two get around this word sometimes!)
bobby flay's brussel sprouts with walnut butter and pomegranate seeds (totally NEEDED to make this after seeing it on the throwdown v. pioneer woman!!). deeeeeee---lish!!!!!!
cutting the pecan pie - i was especially proud of the way it turned out this year...visually, that is. i kind of forgot to set the timer, so the insides were a little runny, but how beautiful is the top?!?! beautiful if i do say so myself!! toot-toot!


courtney said...

gobble gobble! can i just say how much i love the muffin tin idea?

Leslie said...

thank you for the efforts to stay away from the bad word!! also, i was totally inspired by the very same episode and made the pumpkin bread pudding!! so funny that we both did something!!