Sunday, November 21, 2010


i can not believe i've been neglecting the blog. i really thought i'd be sooooo on top of it since i started staying home with little munchkin. i have been crafting with jack, playing outside, enjoying all that an indian summer and autumn can bring, cleaning while he sleeps, cooking. we read, walk, visit, and have adventures with friends. however, blogging? not so much. i'm making a public pledge to start this up again. even if it means pre-blogging with post-dated posting.

i, jen green, do solemnly promise to post 3 times a week. at least.

witnessed by y'all.

and totally call me out if i don't follow through.

why this pic? no reason, really. just a snapshot of us enjoying our valley home + oaks + amazing sunsets.
no time for blogging when you have all this to enjoy, right? bad excuse, i know.


Leslie said...

I can't believe you guys were in tank tops. Le sigh.

jen said...

there's a big 'to-do' today at the green household - freeze warning! temperatures to reach 28 tonight. pete's worried about the pipes. i don't know what i'll ever to with the lack of winter clothes in the house. jack might freeze - pete even suggested he sleep with us for warmth. 28? isn't that, like, a warm day for you?!?!?