Monday, November 8, 2010

Rainy day continued.

I really like the rain. I mean, it's great for the plants and is a
perfect excuse to lounge in sweats, read books, and make chili for
dinner. Rain with a 2yrold is a bit different. It's still fun, but you
need an outlet come the middle of the day. The second the rain ceased,
I took little Jack outside to burn off some of that energy!! It was
so fun and wet and giggle-y. And the activity made for an
appropriately long afternoon nap (during which I did NOTHING but
read!!! Housework, schmousework.)!


tricia said...

call me next time you guys are going to jump in puddles, ok? i will be right over!

Sarah said...

oh man that looks SO fun!!!

playing in puddles then nap time? heaven!

Leslie said...

man, posts like these make me miss you and your house and fairfield and jack-attack.

i love your rainy day plans!