Sunday, July 12, 2009

when i find my camera battery (tomorrow, i hope)...

i have a special treat for those following the green family remodel...before + almost after pics of our house! we've moved in (well, we sleep here), and i just found the pictures we took when we looked at this house the very first time. we called and made an appointment to see this home february of 2008, shortly after baby jack was born. the place was interesting, to say the least, and we ventured down the road to someday live on this quiet street - we're here! i would love to flash-forward and get some decorating done before i take these 'after' pics, but i can't wait any longer! why, you ask?

1. it's been a long time coming. we closed escrow on the 23rd of december - over 6 months ago!

2. there are a lot of improvements. i'd like you to have the opportunity to see the 'bare bones' of the upgrades and changes, my decorating may take away from what we've accomplished (read: distract from the tasks i didn't complete because i decided to decorate instead of finish the house. if you know me, this is SOOOOOO hard!!!!).

3. i promised myself absolutely NO decorating until i've unpacked EVERY box. i'm almost there. two rooms - craft + den. but you didn't make that promise, so how can i deprive you of at least seeing the finished construction? (again, what was i thinking?!? need. to. decorate.)

4. after unpacking every box, i also need to complete quite a list of to-dos prior to decorating (not just one picture on the wall? one sideboard in it's place? NO. nothing can go to it's beautiful home. not yet.)
a. fill nail holes + paint baseboards
b. clean window stickers + paint sills + paint doors
c. touch-up paint around house, including bedrooms (making jack's a little more fun), + complete dining room wall-work.
d. vacuum/mop/scrub all construction related dust/dirt/excess caulking, texture, paint
e. back + front yard renovation, taking it back to it's glorious, green, not-overgrown state of beautiful flowers, mature shade + fruit trees, lush grass, + sitting areas
f. paint gate

in short, there will be plenty more 'after' photos, and it's fun to have an excuse to show off your latest accomplishment! stay tuned (and send some battery-finding vibes, please!!)
oh, and if anyone would like to help in above tasks (a-d, e and f can wait a bit, as they are outside tasks i'll need some help and they weren't part of my original promise to myself), let me know. i could use a hand! and then i'll be that much closer to fav.


Leslie said...

Hey, can you start uploading pics @ the large or at least medium size? We need to see the whole that REALLY how to spell that word? shibang? ew...i don't like it.

See you on Wed.

devon lorraine ... said...

this is very exciting. i cannot wait to see the b+a's!!! and i am so glad to hear you are finally in your new home!