Thursday, July 23, 2009

bbq with the willis family!

jack was 'helping' austin with his paci...austin liked it at first...

pretty girl, autumn. i don't know what she's going to do with all these boys around!

jack wanted to be shirtless. it was over 100 + he thinks it's cool (check out his farmer tan!)

me + the boys (jack was a wee bit jealous of me + austin)

on saturday we invited jason, kristin, austin, + autumn to enjoy our porch for the evening. it was a hot day, so we thought hamburgers + cold beers + new porch + fairfield breeze = awesome night! jason went to high school with pete, and he and his wife, kristin welcomed their twins, austin + autumn last November. we haven't seen them in a while and were shocked to see how big the babies were! we had a very nice night and made plans to make sure we saw each other more often...

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devon lorraine ... said...

aww, a+a are pretty cute little friends for jack! sounds like a nice evening on the porch!!