Wednesday, July 22, 2009

gilmore girls + chocolate-cherry cake


les sent me a text that said, 'all these years of striving to be lorelai, i think i've become freaking sookie'. first i laughed {out lout!} and then i got an idea: chocolate cake with cherries, layered, on cake pedi. seems like a stretch, but if you know les, you know that she likes to bake/cook (read: that's why she's more like sookie than lorelai), and if you know me, i have MORE than plenty kitchen gadgets that i'm trying to get some use of with my double oven, grill, + gas cooktop. AND, les + tara came over to help me make-over some of my furniture and during the visit, les + i discussed cherries. first because there are a ton of fruit trees around my new house and we were planning on making a cobbler for dessert (thought to use something local, but ended up not), then because i shared with les that cherries are jack's favorite fruit, but if figures becasue there is nothing quick about pitting cherries, then because we were planning on picking up a cherry pitter at walmart, and finally because i was wondering what to do with the remaining cherries from our bbq on saturday and i didn't want them hanging around because i didn't want to have to pit yet ANOTHER batch for jack. i know it's lazy, it's just time consuming. bananas are soooo much easier. and out-of-site, out-of-mind for an almost 18-month-old. long story, i know, but put it all together and hopefully it's worth it for this prize i baked today!

the masterpiece.

see the cherries?

up close ~ i wish i was able to photograph food like pros, my pics aren't ever as delicious looking

laura's dinner slice

voila! chocolate cake with cherries baked-in, flipped over complete with a chocolate frosting on said pedi using said baking dishes (some of the many gadgets i have). i also thought of devon, because of the cake pan discussion the ensued after she blogged about her amazing cake. all in all, it was great to bake, excellent after dinner (actually, it was dinner for laura), and nice to use the cherries (though i still had to pit them, so that issue wasn't really resolved). it did make me sad that my two friends i thought of live far away. yes, les can come over whenever, but this was one of those nights that you wanted friends to swing by after their dinner and have some cake with you! thank goodness for little sisters and a family that'll eat with you!!

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