Friday, May 2, 2008

stroller strides in PA

i totally kicked laura's butt today - i took her on a stroller strides work-out down by the susquehanna river. ever since i can remember we walked down to the shores during our visits to my grandparents' home. there is a great ferry that'll take you (and your car!) to the other side. my mom tells of a candy store we used to visit over there, but it has long since shut it's doors. too bad, jack likes candy :) anyway, laura got to experience all the squats, lunges, and whole-body activities jack and i do every day back home. and she will feel it tomorrow, believe me! jack thought the whole thing was funny, smiling at laura through his plastic window as she did tricep dips on a park bench - jack's got a great personality ;).

by the way, we still totally miss daddy. the purpose of stroller strides was tri-fold:
1. kick laura's butt (stroller striding is not as easy as you'd think)
2. kick my butt
3.(and most motivating) get jack back to a similar schedule as home... he's been a little cranky without the regular outtings!


Leslie said...

oh man. that sounds way too tough.

devon lorraine ... said...

perhaps i need to get a stroller (an empty one, of course) to do these "stroller strides" you speak of ...