Monday, May 19, 2008

stambaugh/wadekamper wedding

family photo and dance
at the table during the reception
meeting everyone
i had pete take a picture of jack and i during the mother/son dance so i have it to show him when he gets married. i cried a little when i thought of it!

pete and i took jack to sarah & mike's wedding on saturday. he slept peacefully during the ceremony and was a perfect little baby during the reception. many guests took a turn holding jack, and he handled it so well! our tired little baby fell asleep on the way home and took extra naps on mother's day to recover. what a little party animal!!


Leslie said...

soooo pretty you are!!

courtney said...

i just can't believe that jack is so well behaved that you could take him to a wedding. i'm so impressed. Alex would not exactly be the baby that handles the social environment quietly...