Thursday, May 15, 2008

cherry blossom festival

today, millersburg celebrated it's 19th annual cherry blossom festival. i was super excited about a street fair with yummy foods and plenty of people watching for jack jack. that's exactly what i got! jack strolled around collecting compliments from the locals while the rest of us checked out each food booth deciding on lunch!

the weather wasn't great, but it wasn't raining, so that was good. i thought it was FREEZING at around 62, but some millersburg natives dressed in shorts! there was even a dunk tank to raise money for the very popular football league (brrr + gross - the water was brown).

another big attraction was the 'baby parade'. i was encouraged by some relatives (who won last year) to make something up, but i decided against it. good thing, because the whole parade looked pretty embarassing. it's one thing to stand with your school cheer squad or band or whatever you fancy, but it is totally another to walk with your tiny baby in front of an entire town! jack liked watching the poor little ones getting pulled around by their parents, though.
all bundled up, it was a cold day
couldn't resist these shots

with great aunt connie

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