Wednesday, February 27, 2008

three weeks today

dear jack,

you are a grand total of 3 weeks old today! i sang 'happy three week birthday' to you today at precisly your birth time - 4:06am. we were up eating + bonding and i couldn't resist! you had a very alert morning, spending some quality time with daddy while mommy tried to catch a few more winks before he left for work. i overheard him singing the very same song!

you have been blowing bubbles like crazy and i belive you are about to embark on quite the growth spurt... despite one four hour stretch last night (thank you! the night before was rough with a bonding experience every two hours!), you've been eating more often, around two hours and for quite some time. in between, you are sleeping like a baby. your mommy needs to learn how to nap a bit better so we can both be bright eyed in the early morning!

we are so amazed at how much you've grown in 21 days! you are such a great baby and so adorable, we love every minute with you. you are breathing so cutely on my lap as i write this... it brings tears of joy to my eyes to know you are so comfortable here with us. we love you very much!

mommy and daddy

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