Saturday, February 2, 2008

three cheers for les' cookies!

these cookies are just what the dr. ordered! ok, maybe not what the dr. ordered, but definitely what this pregnant gal ordered!

things i love...
-specific recipe, so those nonbakers know they are on the right track.
-included in recipe is 10 minute 'clean-up' time (freeze dough). i hate baking and having a messy kitchen to clean up when all i really want to do is share my creation (with myself as well as others)!
-doubling makes just the right amount for at-home snacking & enough to take for a super bowl treat

i wish...
-i had a co-op to buy vanilla beans. i think that would make these cookies even better! not sure where there's a co-op in the entire of solano county, but i'm going to find out!

next time...
-i think i'll use 100% semi-sweet chocolate chips. i just prefer them.

thanks for sharing, kasar!


Andrea said...

Those cookies look yummy! I was just at a cooking demo by a professional chef yesterday and she said that Costco now sells vanilla beans. You might want to check it out.

Leslie said...

oh my gosh? costco?

and i'm excited that you tried them! we STILL have some left. a quick zap in the micro with a teeny bit of ice cream? awesome.