Sunday, February 10, 2008

our due date - super bowl sunday

hoping to get things going in the morning...
pete & mom record the contractions the last meal = oatmeal + milk
let's go have a baby!

pete and i were all ready to watch the super bowl at my parents' house. we were eager to spend some time out of the house - off baby watch - with a distraction. what we got were contractions!! they started in the first quarter of the game, but i kept quiet for about an hour. i knew i had had 'false' contractions in the past and didn't want to get a whole crowd of people excited, just in case. after a while, i told pete and my mom about them, and that they were coming more frequently, and we all started the watch. we had hand signals so i was able to communicate them without makng an annoucement, but soon the look on my face was communication enough. throughout the day, and into the night, they increased in intensity and frequency to 6 minutes apart. they chilled out there at that time and intensity ALL night. pete and i decided to keep track, but stay home for the night. we checked in with kaiser, who agreed, and did our best to sleep. i was in pain (not nearly as much as i would be...) and we were both so excited, sleep was hard to come by! around 8:00 the next morning, i experienced a few more 'signs' of real labor, so we headed to the hospital. after an exam, they sent me home with 9 more centimeters of dilating to do and asked us to monitor contractions, fluids, etc. i was extremely frustrated, as i had been up all night and really wanted to meet our baby... we headed home to endure another day without baby green bean.

me. frustrated + disappointed.

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devon lorraine ... said...

that's the cutest picture at the end...can't wait to read the NEXT post! yowza!