Thursday, January 24, 2008

thanks for the birthday wishes!

thank you, everyone, for the birthday wishes! i had a great 30th birthday... events included (a lot of dessert and...):

breakfast (some would say 1st dessert, though i don't count it):
pete made me my favorite unhealthy breakfast in bed!! chocolate-chip pancakes!

breakfast presents:
when i returned to bed after using the restroom, i found two cutely wrapped presents in my spot... as well as a pepper and poodle ready to snack on my birthday breakfast, too :)

morning walk:
after tidying up the house, pepper, bailey, & i went for a long walk around the neighborhood. we had a great time smelling all the new smells that were created by the other animals enjoying the morning. it had been raining for the few days before, so there were many neighbors out and about! pepps & bails really enjoyed getting out of the house, and so did baby and i!

usual ritual:
i showered and got ready for my big day :) i had a few lunch offers, but pete called and wanted to take me to a special place - i am in!

lunch & dessert #1:
the special place was none other than fenton's! recently the place of les' birthday lunch :). i ordered my usual tuna sand-o, pete got the reuben, and then we each got a sundae - yum!

after lunch, we thought we would check out best buy, as we have been in need (or extreme want) of a wii game system for quite some time now. no luck in vacaville, but a quick trip into the fairfield store and SWEET, they just got a shipment in! we picked up that bad boy right then and there! if you haven't searched for a wii, let me tell you, it has not been fun. first of all, kiss getting one anytime before christmas goodbye. i called so many stores and they even said 'we're out of wiis, can we help you with anything else?' when they answered... obviously i wasn't the only one on the hunt. secondly, you can't just order or get a raincheck or bribe anyone. it really has been first-come-first-served since christmas. i have missed wiis by seconds, really. lastly, anyone asking about wiis became the laughing-stock of all gaming store employees. they would chuckle or roll their eyes or be blatantly rude if you even mentioned the gaming system! anyway, i quit asking after les and i experienced an especially rude sales person at the vacaville best buy. in fact, i refused then and there not to shop at that location anymore. and if you're questioning me, pete had to run in when we checked on my bday, i really, really am NOT shopping there. ever.

after lunch relaxation:
this was a perfect part of my birthday present. i didn't mention that the cutely wrapped presents were gift certificates to a local spa: green valley salon & spa. i have been complaining about my toenails for weeks... and who hasn't heard about my pregnancy aches and pains? if you think you've heard a lot about them, try being my husband!?! so, the gift certificate entitled me to a signature pedi and mommy-to-be massage. i cashed in the pedi right away and spent a relaxing 1.5 hours in a spa chair getting my feet & legs massaged and toes painted in a perfect hot-pinkish-red by OPI, kangarooby:

dinner & dessert #2:
my family goes out to dinner for each member's birthday. we usually end up at hungry hunter or the buckhorn, and tonight was no different! i chose the buckhorn - you will see this come up often in my life - and enjoyed every last bite. my siblings got me some wii accessories, obviously they shopped between the hours of 1-6pm :) mom and dad hooked me up with a new fragrance and gift card for after baby clothes. we had dessert (mud pie!) and pete & i ventured home.

dessert #3:
it started raining again, so when we got home, pepper & bailey were a tad wet and muddy. we washed them and pete left me to blow-dry our little poodle (her hair is just like human hair, so she takes a while to dry). i was kind of annoyed because all i wanted to do was relax (why couldn't he do it? it was my 30th birthday for goodness sakes!!) but, i went ahead and took care of the poody. every time (almost) i am annoyed, pete will bust out with something so sweet and all my annoyance feelings are so selfish! when bailey and i made our way out of the bedroom, we found a birthday cake (from Rosanna's of course) with 'happy birthday mommy to be' and a 3-0 candle! we saved the cake for later in the week - too much sugar for baby (and mommy). it was a delicious champagne cake with a vanilla custard and fondant icing - YUM!

my belly after the day-o-desserts:

yep, it is the baby, but i felt like i had 6 pounds of sugar in there!

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