Monday, January 7, 2008

less than one month!!

pete and i are getting so excited about our baby's arrival -- less than one month away (if all goes according to plan!). i've washed some clothes for the baby to come home in and am almost finished packing for our hospital trip. the car seat still needs to be practiced with (and the car in need of some detailing), but other than that, all necessities are ready to go! i'm busy with non-essentials, though. here is my to-do list for the remainder of the weekend:

  1. organize the spare bedroom -- never know who will come and need a place to rest their head! check 1/6 - all ready house guests!
  2. go through each closet -- i have clothes coming out my ears! a donation truck is coming by on the 8th... my goal is to have everything ready to go for them to take away! check 1/6 (but still need to remember to place it outside... memory lapses are common, so i'll have to keep reminding myself!) outside and picked up 1/8
  3. complete packing of hospital bag with 'luxuries' like my special pillow and favorite lip balm waiting on this -- need to make a trip to sephora for some special nice-ities
  4. review labor + delivery dvd (may hold off on this until les is available to watch with me!) def. waiting for a friend (or hubby) to check this off
  5. clean out garage check!
  6. decorate for valentine's day waiting for h.h. to open tomorrow :) got it all together 1/8
  7. get a better system going in the kitchen (we have great accessories, but not enough space... kind of driving us nuts when we want to make waffles) not quite yet... not sure if it'll ever happen, we just don't have enough room -- no amount of organization will change that :(
  8. clean out fridge check 1/6 and did the pantry, too!
  9. reorganize (for the 3rd time since moving here) my scrapbooking materials, sewing to-do's, and paychex + personal office jazz has been scheduled for 1/7 evening after work! done 1/7

ok, better get to it... yippee! i am checking off this entire list... bag + dvd later :)


devon lorraine ... said...

holy shit! pardon the language! one month! every few weeks one of my friends has a baby (seriously)...but yours will be the biggest surprise! eeeeeee, i LOVE surprises!!!

Tara said...

Don't women experience an overwhelming urge to nest right before they go into labor! Maybe Baby Green will surprise us sooner than we think!