Thursday, January 10, 2008


we just returned from a visit to dr. le! our baby is growing well and dr. le estimates he or she is about 6.5 pounds now :) i am dilated .5 cm, small as it is, only 1/20th of the way to the necessary 10 cm, it's a start! every bit we can go through now, relatively painlessly, is that much less we'll have when active labor begins. i think that's good news, personally! baby green is moving around like a maniac (which surprisingly kind-of hurts). i also started the baby book! here is another horrible belly pic and the first page to the album:

really starting to stick out there, huh?

it says, estimated arrival:, arrival:, h:, l:. w:

the bottom sticker is a hospital band that says new baby


leslie. said...

hilaaaarious that i struggled for days to find your registry. meant to ask you about it tonight, but forgot. last ditch effort was to go with pete instead of peter and AHA! that was the ticket. ya, never even thought to try jen. don't know why. i'm an idiot.

jen said...

yah, pass on the word. it's best either from the blog or using jen and pete instead of jennifer and peter -- there were waaaaay to many jennifer greens.... should've shared that though... but what do you say, 'hey, when you go to my registry to buy me something, it's under jen not jennifer'?!?!

devon lorraine ... said...

you're so cute all pregnant!

Andrea said...

Jen I can't believe there's only 16 days left!I can't wait for you to be a mommy! You will love it!