Wednesday, June 12, 2013

mother's day camping!

For my big day this year, i requested a warm camping trip in our trailer! We settled at a neat resort on the American River with a beach AND pool. We were in walking distance with a yummy Mexican food lunch spot and it was better than warm... It was HOT!
The kids had a blast playing. Les, these are mr. Potato head glasses maddy is trying to wear (I'm pretty sure they were a gift from you, right?)!
We ate BBQ chicken and grilled corn with a salad for dinner :).
On Saturday we swam in the awesome pool, walked to lunch in 'town', and played by the river.

we headed home in the morning to enjoy dinner with the Fam, but it was a great trip! We are actually heading to the same spot for Father's Day!!

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Leslie said...

yup. a mr potato head is one of my fave toys to give. :)