Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Camping & A Faire (!!!!!)

We checked out a spot  on Lake Tahoe last weekend!  We had a great time and are so happy that we have a few more dates reserved. It's a 'dry' campground, so no electrical or water hook-ups for our trailer, but we did fine with that! Out tent camping days aren't that far behind us!!

We got to camp pretty late, but Pete and I managed to rally and stay up until midnight (yay parents!). The next morning we got up, let the kids play for a few, then went on a run along the river.
Post run we made breakfast then headed down to the beach. Lake Tahoe is beautiful! I always forget how breathtaking it is!
We freshened up and got decent for a trip to the renaissance faire (why hasn't anyone shared the absurd, albeit fun, experience of a renaissance faire with me?!?!?)
Pictures on the drive of Emerald and Meeks bay (more after the wild faire photos).
Had I known....
Not only are the attendees great people watching, the actors NEVER break character and are equally as interesting! I must admit, there were many times I wasn't sure who was getting paid and who did this purely for pleasure!
I have no idea what this march/parade was all about, but it was one of my favorite parts! I need to do a little renaissance research! update here, from wikipedia:
Dance of Death, also variously called Danse Macabre (French), Danza de la Muerte (Spanish), Danza Macabra (Italian), Dança da Morte(Portuguese), Totentanz (German), Dodendans (Dutch), Surmatants (Estonian), Dansa de la Mort (Catalan) is an artistic genre of late-medievalallegory on the universality of death: no matter one's station in life, the Dance of Death unites all. The Danse Macabre consists of the dead orpersonified Death summoning representatives from all walks of life to dance along to the grave, typically with a popeemperorking, child, and labourer. They were produced to remind people of the fragility of their lives and how vain were the glories of earthly life.
I'm nowhere near a history buff, so some things confused me....I wasn't sure if they were historically accurate or just a fun addition (ie captain jack spareribs below).
You know we chowed down on a turkey leg!
A very eventful day including the above, a purchase of swords as a bribe to get jack into the faire after some very convincing actors scared the daylights out of him, and very high mountain temperatures, ended with an early evening s'mores roast and and early bedtime for the entire family!
We packed up while the kids played swords, ate a quick breakfast and started home to avoid the traffic. After a stop at Donner Lake for some more beach time, we traveled down the mountain. We had an awesome time and are looking forward to our next trip to this campground the weekend before the 4th of July!

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Leslie said...

what do you mean?? how do you not know about the renaissance faires? they were so popular in the 90s. actually, i feel like this is the summer i would totally be able to fill out one of those boob shelf dresses. maybe i should look for one around here. HA. we consistently use the RF as a term to qualify someone's level of nerdiness!