Wednesday, August 12, 2009

*updated for l+d* the vegetable patch

me: tell me about these lemon cucumbers...

owner: they're burpless.

jack: *adrhhh* (fake burp)

** les + dev... don't cucumbers make you burp? they make me burp. anyway, this was only the first of a few benefits of the fabulous lemon cucumber. jack just interrupted the list. other benefits include:
*no peeling necessary (like the english, as les taught me last weekend)
*excellent, mild flavor
*easy to marinade (take up flavor quickly), but marinading not necessary (due to 'excellent, mild flavor')

pics of our bounty later!


devon lorraine ... said...


Leslie said...

me too.

devon lorraine ... said...

what? cucumbers make people burp? well i love cucumbers. and hate peeling them. so i'm exciting to see these suckers.