Friday, August 14, 2009

right or left?

as mentioned, jack and i have been frequenting local veggie patches. loving larry's produce (we also get pumpkins here) with les was a blast! laughing at the vegetable patch was great, too. i told les that i can leave my new circle, take one turn, either left or right, and visit a ton of great places. by turning left, i run into my parents' house, kerry's house (gf from hs), a convenient store with all the necessities, gas, hiking, a great walking trail, etc. with a right turn i'm able to visit a winery, a strawberry farm, cherry farm, + kiwi farm, a few vegetable stands, a little art, and if i keep going (no turns still), hamilton house, big italian pizza, the canepa deli, a great burger joint, sushi place, donuts, and eventually a raleys and texas roadhouse. there are soooo many other stops to be made along the way - pete only takes the right out of our court and a right on one street to get to work everyday! anyhoo, les + i took to exploring one of the many suisun valley wonders last weekend... here are our pics:


Leslie said...

i'm in love with the baby bananas for babies!!

Leslie said...

need to get back to larrys soon.

jen said...

jack didn't like them! i did, though :)

yeah, come back soon ya'hear!