Monday, June 8, 2009

a little fun at work.


they are pretty common here, but this was fun because i thought my coworker was kicking the cubicle!

me: **sigh**
mike: 'click'
me: grrrr.
mike: **sigh**
me: rough call?
mike: yeah.
me: (in head, you didn't have to kick the cub-i over it). 'wait, did you just slam the cub-i?'
mike: huh? no.
tyler: earthquake!
all: whoah.

i proceeded to research the strength and locale for everyone - a skill i mastered while teaching 3rd grade (earthquake curriculum). a 3.7 with an epicenter about a mile away.


devon lorraine ... said...

can you tell us how the conversation went?!

i remember once when i was younger, i 'surfed' out an earthquake in the kitchen (pretending i was on a surfboard) and my mom got SO mad at me!

Leslie said...

why do i never feel them? grr.