Tuesday, November 11, 2008

our little builder

jack's reviewing plans in the car on our way to the mall. our little builder! we're getting ready to meet with my dad and a few other professionals to decide on how to go about our crooked house. did i mention that? nobody was able to buy our new home because the foundation is a little off in a corner... not a little, a lot. with our brainstorming, sweat, and construction loan, along with some expertise and experience, we'll have a great home that's level, etc. we'll update!

and thanks to courtney and leslie for reminding me of the 'roots' of our new place - research is underway! and devon (great question!), we're moving for the challenge? with the price of the home, we couldn't pass it up! it'll be some work, but eventually we'll find our little country home on a very quiet street with mature fruit trees and large oaks as home sweet home. our place now is great, but i think we're a little more country than country club :)


Renee said...

How exciting. Good luck with the new house!

devon lorraine ... said...

you guys are so awesome to just decide you can fix a foundation! i mean, of course you can -- your family knows how to make things happen!