Saturday, November 8, 2008



we visited the local pumpkin patch to pick out four pumpkins - one for mommy, one for daddy, one for baby jack, and one for pepper and bailey to share. we (pete and i) carved away on thursday night (a vampire, a ghost, a two-toothed pumpkin ~in honor of jack's two teeth~, and a bone, respectively). jack hung out in his high chair, ate some snacks, and watched carefully. he has loved pumpkins since they debuted in the beginning of october. gran and i are a little worried we've created a halloween monster (intended). each time we showed him a 'scary' monster, he would smile or laugh. his favorite song is 'the monster mash' and he tried to kiss every jack-o-lantern he saw!

jack dressed up as a monkey for his first halloween. the weather ended up nice, rain stopping long enough for the neighborhood kids to trick-or-treat, and for pete, jack, and i to have people over for a bar-b-que and s'mores roasting over our fire pit. jack was in a great mood all night and enjoyed visiting some of the neighbors trick-or-treating for his first time! check out the pic with the hershey bar - totally my son!

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