Saturday, September 6, 2008

the big 7

jack is now 7 months old and as he naps, i am going to try to blog-update you on our experiences the last few months!

jack has had an exciting month! we went to pennsylvania on the 26th of august to visit super pop pop and gang in millersburg. jack was great on the flight home (slept the whole way!) and very good (about 20 minutes or so of screaming) on our way there. we were super happy with our choice to fly direct (we had debated about needing a 'break' in our travel day but thought we'd just get it over with) and our carrier: jetblue. i've loved this airline since they started flying cross-country because they are nice, not too relaxed or too snobby, they provide entire diet coke cans (i hate the deflatedness of ones that are opened and you only get a cupful), a choice of yummy snacks, and tvs at every seat! jack-jack's plan was to watch cartoons the entire way (again, we don't promote television time in our house, but jack does all he can to catch a show when he sees a tv... in some cases, like a 5 hour flight, he's fully allowed to watch as much as he wants!). we had a great visit, spent tons of time with pop pop and even took jack's very first trip to an amusement park! pop pop showed us around williamstown (where he was born and raised) the day before we left - it was really nice to have that whole day with him. we had a great time with family and plan to return next summer, too!
on to jack's other accomplishments this month... jack's been scooting around, more of lunging around but whatev., for a while now. he sees something and goes for it - fast! we've enjoyed watching him improve his scooting ways and were admiring his ability to worm his way around pop pop's porch when he sat up! he was on the floor, then up like a big kid in a split second! it was so cool pete and i were there at the same time - i feel like jack knows to show off new skills when we're both there. like he practices in his crib until he's got it, then waits until pete gets home to surprise us! we had a mini-celebration adn jack thought it was funny. i have to say i had a moment... i've been watching and loving him, playing with him, learning with him all this time - almost seven whole months - and he's been this cute little bean pod. then the bean moved. but always on the floor - ground level. now you can turn around and he's sitting up looking at you like he's 10 waiting for a hamburger or something. it's amazing, and another reminder that he's growing fast. so fast. but it's fun and it happens, so we're taking it all in, every single minute, every single new skill. we celebrate, take pictures, and watch the new skill fade as it is mastered and a new one makes it's way into his repertoire.
another, much anticipated moment occurred on our vacation, too. baby jack-attack (and now he can really attack) got his first tooth! the bottom right tooth was discovered on sunday morning. i have been obsessive about checking his mouth since he was three months old. a day doesn't go by that someone asks 'is he teething?'. maybe it's just me and the way jack is, but i never knew. there were no signs i can thing of...(just read the 6th month blog and i guess i saw signs!) he wasn't extra drooly or chewing more than he's been for the last 4 months. he wasn't cranky or not sleeping. he didn't get a temperature or tug at his ears, but alas! a tooth. now i know that when someone asks that question, the answer (with confidence) is 'yes, he is!'
jack has also moved along in his food - tyring oatmeal and bananas! he loves food, so we're super thankful, every new food has been welcomed into his little tummy. we're going to try cantaloupe and avocado this coming week (well in the next 10 days, can't expose them to more than one new thing every 5 days, in case of reaction, you can determine the source!).
here are some pics:


devon lorraine ... said...

i have been going through jack withdrawal without pics for a few weeks. i love this post!! jack's getting so big - and he's so cute. i love the expression he is making in one of the pictures of just him and pete. sounds like such a bundle of joy.

Renee said...

He is getting so big...and very adorable. Natalia's got first dibs on him for prom! hehehehe I'm happy to hear he's got a tooth. Hooray! Okay question : why the candy bar and the butter knife?

Leslie said...

ya, same question about the chocolate bar? and jack attack is looking so fun!! the expressions. priceless.

jen said...

oh! that's a 5 pound chocolate bar from hershey park. it sat at the counter and people carved chunks out of it with that knife. my hand is to help you imaging the gianormousness of the thing!