Wednesday, August 6, 2008

baby jack celebrate's his half-birthday today!

a couple weeks ago, sporting his 'rush theta chi' onesie from ryan smith

jack-attack, our little scooter-mctooter, is 6 months old today! i had the moms at stroller strides sing him 'happy half-birthday' to celebrate :) i don't have any photo's of his big day, and he's sleeping right now, but look out for them coming up. and if you're a little anxious, check out les' experience with him last week!

we have completely skipped out on blogging because jack is soooo much fun! we've always loved playing with him, from day one, but those days entailed a bit more napping than playing. now, look out! jack is scooting around the house (kind of army crawling, but not really, we're actually not so sure how he moves so fast), grabbing toys, flipping over, chewing, laughing, eating tons, and attacking bailey every chance he gets! he's not quite crawling yet, but he gets on all fours and lunges forward, falling face-first with his arms at his sides (he gets pretty far), then he's up on his hands again preparing for the next lunge. it is sooooo cute! pete and i really have to get that 'baby-proofing' going A-sap! he's started on solids, which most of you probaby learned from leslie, again. man is she a great aunt! he is enjoying rice cereal (weird, that stuff is gross), carrots, sweet potatoes, squash, and coming soon...PEAS! he loves his food, i tell ya. AND, he might be teething - this process takes a while, i'm told, but he hasn't been 'himself' lately = crying more (not a cryer), making a sideways popeye faces, and smacking his gums together. finger chewing, thumb chewing, and chewing on ANYTHING he can put in his mouth has increased, also. i don't want the little guy to be in pain long, so i hope those teeth pop out soon (and we're ready for our same ol' jack-attack to come back = no crying!).

all in all, jack is a complete joy! 3-6 months has been the ultimate in new babyness! they smile, learn something new every day, have a routine, and are just plain old happy :) i am sure we'll say this about every age, but we don't know any better now, every day of the last 6 months has been fabulous. we love you jack (at any age, we promise, it's just so fun having you grow up before our eyes)!


Leslie said...

HAPPY 1/2 BIRTHDAY, JACK!!! Can you even believe it? <--that question is more directed at the parents. I'm sure HE can believe it.

thanks for the props, but can you PLEASE get some video of the old man gum smacking smile? so freaking cute. :)

Love you, Jack-Jack!

courtney said...

Happy Birthday Jack!!!

Just wait till the real crawling starts.... your world will change forever!