Tuesday, December 11, 2007

becca's bowling birthday

becca and gang celebrated her 31st birthday at clayton bowl on sunday, the 9th. everyone had a great time demonstrating their mad bowling skills (maybe an exaggeration!). leslie made the most amazing cupcakes to go with dollar hot dogs, french fries, beer, and fried twinkies. i wasn't able to bowl, but pete played a few great games... and his team would've won if it wasn't for jocelyn! just kidding on that, all the games were friendly, i don't even think anyone knows their scores. jocelyn asked pete to play in his lane and he hesitated, kiddingly. the rest of the day jocelyn insisted pete practices (he shot pretty well) and that he was not okay with her being on the team. pete loved sharing the lane with her, wilson, and stephanie. it was funny to hear joc think that pete practices (or even cares about bowling at all!). some pics (surprised it's a slideshow?):

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