Saturday, December 29, 2007


i am sorry my belly pics stink -- i can only think to take them when i am all alone, and i am not skilled in self-portraits (obviously!):

pete has been nesting -- actually cleaning out closets, vacuuming a ton, making a mental list of all the things to accomplish in the next few weeks! i haven't felt the need yet, but seeing him go crazy around the house is giving me a little inspiration = i ran the roomba in every room today and bought baby-safe laundry detergent. i'll get the bug one of these days, i know!

we went to see dr. le on thursday and he said everything looks and sounds great! there was a bit less moving around by our baby - the living quarters are getting tight. i measured 36 weeks (which is more accurate with the 20 week ultrasound due date of 1/28). my weight hasn't skyrocketed, though i can't promise anything yet - baby green has made me a very hungry person!! my blood pressure was great, on the low side as i usually am, and sugar/protein tests have all been normal. we see him again in two weeks, then we're down to once a week visits! the next appointment includes a check to see if i've made any progress toward labor... it's getting close!

some unorganized info: baby weighs 5.5-6 pounds and if we go into labor anytime from here on out, it's a go! there is no stopping us after 35 weeks! we'll be signing up for our labor and delivery class on monday. our car is getting the once over and we'll have a practice installation of the car seat in the next week (i've scheduled that in my mind). the nursery is coming along. we still need to build the drawers for the changing table/dresser combo my parents got for us (the furniture is looking great with the paint!). i am planning on washing at least a few items in case of an early arrival. mom and i picked up a new robe and pjs for the hospital stay (need to wash those, too). i am looking forward to the baby 'dropping' as my ribs are hurting me in ways i couldn't imagine. though labor will be difficult, i am sure, i will be glad to see the light at the end of the tunnel (as will baby green!).

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devon lorraine ... said...

wow! that was a good update. i feel so much more informed. and i can even kind of make out your belly!