Friday, September 27, 2013

connolly ranch field trip!

i drove jack and two friends to their first-ever kindergarten field trip on thursday!  (i got my fingerprints done and submitted my car insurance so i am a certifiable school mom that can drive other people's kids - i am SO grown up!!!!)

connelley ranch is in beautiful napa -- only curse to my grown up status was that i couldn't stay and play in the napa valley after the trip, but since it's only about 20 minutes away (with traffic!), i know i can make it back any time.  the ranch is the home to goats, sheep, chickens, and ducks as well as organic produce and huge composting vessels.  the kids were a little nervous about the animals at first, but after a nice talk about POOP (to be referred to as manure) and the niceness of the animals, they dove right in!

yep, that's my son holding a girl's hand.  and not 'cause he necessarily had to....
this is ann-marie.  she was in our car.  she and jack giggled and whispered the entire drive to
and from the farm.... 
getting restless
singing a cute song

off to have the poop manure talk

the two jack g.s  - the other jack g. had his shirt on backwards - poor kid
aren't the tie-dyed shirts a great idea?!?

they may stray for a minute, but marley and jack always end up next to each other :)

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