Tuesday, August 13, 2013

tomorrow's the big day!

so jack starts kindergarten tomorrow.  i haven't cried-cried (ugly cry) until a few minutes ago when i retold the conversation jack and i had after his nighttime book and cuddling.

here are some jack quotes leading up to and including our conversation tonight:
-is today the first day of kindergarten (every day for a month - i finally made a quick and dirty check off countdown for him because my answers weren't tangible enough!)
-where are you, daddy, and maddy going to live while i'm away at kindergarten? (made me so sad and explained that we weren't going anywhere)
-so it's like the same as preschool long?
-is kindergarten elementary school?
-it's kindergarten, then 1st, 2nd, 3rd...12th (all without any errors), then what? (me: college)
-what's after college?
-when i'm 16, maddy will be a big girl!
-i'll be 20, then 30, then 40...then 100!

last week we had kinder assessment and we were SO nervous!  turns out we are a-ok parents because he knocked it out of the park!  phew.  to add to my nervousness, the kinder teacher was a colleague of mine when i taught (so i would've felt even more embarrassed and sad had he not passed!).  jack let his potential teacher know that he prefers 'jack' not 'jackson'.

today we went to school to check the teacher assignments.  i am SO happy he has the same teacher that tested him, i know she's fabulous from my years teaching with her.  i actually taught HER son.  so that's either payback for me or her.  not sure ;).  i'm super excited because he's also in the same class as marley and another friend's son (he is also a jack g. - that'll be interesting!)

 i took quite a few pics of him in front of his room during the assessment day and today checking the list.  i have a sneaky suspicion i wouldn't get these cute shots in front of his class and their parents tomorrow!

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devon lorraine ... said...

well you made me a little teary right there! but so exciting!