Tuesday, July 10, 2012

cabin' it in truckee

our fun times on the lake, at the beach, and in our perfect cabin were absolutely perfect!  jack and the willis twins were machines - playing, eating, swimming, all week.  maddy and autumn hit it off (autumn is the girliest girl, wanting to baby maddy the entire trip!) while jack and austin played dinosaurs and animals non-stop.  the three invented a 'ball game' with the pool table (don't tell the cabin owners!) that went on for hours.  the kids slept well, allowing for adult time at night.  really, such a fun, fun week!!  

part one:  hanging out at the cabin
the cabin was located on a quiet street with a nice size deck for lounging, dinosaurs, and snacks.

maddy started rolling over on our first day
autumn watching over her baby bff
loving the mountain air
jason + his mini-me, austin
'our' cabin
happy baby!
i made them 4th friendship bracelets

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