Tuesday, October 5, 2010

the to-do list

When we decided that I would stay home with Jack, I immediately thought of all the things I would have the time to teach him, things to do with him, enjoying every minute. I came across this list that I started during our decision-making process. Though it is not all inclusive, it's a start. And so much better than my previous to-do lists (they never seemed to have enough Jack or Pete in them, and I never felt okay with that).

Potty train!
Have art, dance and singing time, reading, writing, and math time every day
Explore the beautiful nature around us
Go on walks
Exercise more
Make more foods from scratch
Tickle as much as possible
Eat breakfast, lunch, and dinner with my men
Go to the library
Raise a confident, polite little boy
Savor every moment
Become a Thomas train track designer extraordinaire
Capture as many songs/dances/sayings on video as possible
Reduce time outs by 50%
Only do housework when jack's sleeping
Wear an apron
Paint my nails crazy, unprofessional colors
Have theme days : 80s, pj, crazy hair
Check email, phones, and blog when little heads are sleeping on their little pillows
Stick to our budget
Live simply
Laugh at lot


devon lorraine ... said...

live simply. i should put that on my list, too :)

i love your list.

tricia said...

love the list jen!

lauren and brad said...

I am stealing this list!!! It is so good!

Amanda G. said...

so good.